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Live a Unique Experience through Carmelo: The New Touristic Centre!

A new touristic center has come about around this city in the Departamento of Colonia, short of 45 miles from its capital Colonia del Sacramento: wineries, luxury hotels, ancient grocer's shops and beautiful green lands shape this place into a truly attractive destination for rural tourism. We invite you to live this experience across the city's vineyards and shops.

Departing either from Montevideo, Colonia del Sacramento or from Carmelo itself. We visit the winery El Legado, the Chapel's Grocer's Shop, Finca Narbona or Campotinto, and Carmelo's picturesque swing bridge.

Tour Guideline

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Details: The tour is carried out with at least 2 passengers if departing from Colonia/Carmelo, or no less than 8 if departing from Montevideo. Spare time will be provided for the passengers to have lunch in Narbona.
Duration: The tour will span 12 hours if taken from Montevideo, 6 if taken from Colonia del Sacramento and 4 if taken from Carmelo.
What is included: Driver, passenger insurance, guided visit and wine tasting in the winery El Legado. Lunch is not included.
Price per passenger: Ask for our prices.

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