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Company Policy

In Master Turismo, we are committed to safeguarding your privacy. The aim of this document is to indicate exactly what information is collected from our clients through this site and how we are to proceed in regards to the following matters:


We give priority to those bookings made via WhatsApp or e-mail at least 7 days prior to the date of the tour. In order to take your reservation we need you to send us the following data: full name of every passenger, the hotel or apartment where you will be staying at, the dates of arrival and departure, flight information, telephone and e-mail to contact you. If you are a cruise passenger, you will need to provide the name of the cruise, the number of passengers for the tour, the port you will arrive to, the day and time of arrival and the time you must be back in the cruise for departure. The data will then go through our Sales central, and up to 24 hrs. afterwards we will reply with an e-mail containing a link through which you will be able to make the proper payment. After the payment, we will send a voucher with every detail of your Uruguay tours.


In order to book your tours, you will have to make a payment of 10% the cost of the services you are booking, up to 72 hrs. before the day in which they will take place. You could also pay a 100% of the services beforehand should you prefer doing so. As for events, a 100% of the value is required to be paid with no less than 30 days before the date in which they are set be held. We work with EBANX for clients from Brazil. We guarantee utter trust, seriousness and safety in your purchase.

Cancelation Policy

Tour cancelations have no cost if done with no less than 72 hours before your arrival to the country. For cancelations done in less than 72 hours prior, you will be fined 50% of the total value. For cancellations made on the day of the tour, there is no refund of the amount already paid. For events, cancelations must be done no less than 30 days prior to its set date; otherwise a fine of a 100% of the total value will be charged. Reimbursements will be carried out either via bank transfer in no more than 10 working days or by a credit card refund.

Information Changes

In case of needing to change any information regarding a tour, you must do so at least 72 hours prior to the date it will take place, with the exception of flight changes that transcend the client’s control.

No Attendance (NO SHOW)

In case of no attendance, the previous payment will not be refunded, nor will the tour be rescheduled. The company could reschedule a tour due to adverse weather conditions, for the likes of which an orange or red alert were to be issued by the national meteorology institute. Do not worry anyhow, for everything would be previously addressed via WhatsApp or e-mail.


Our service's values are expressed both in American Dollars and Brazilian Reals. Children up to 5 year old are not charged, whereas children from 6 to 11 are charged a 50% of the regular fee. Those older than 11 are charged a regular fee.

Start and Finish Locations for the tours

If you are staying in Uruguay, the place from where you will be picked up and left off will be your Hotel. In case of staying in an apartment or a hostel, you will be requested to get to the hotel nearest to your location. For cruise passengers, the tour will commence from the port. This does not apply to those taking the Whine Shuttle which has pre-determined hours and pick-up points.


For private tours, the company will use buses, minibuses, vans or cars according to availability as well as the needs and characteristics of the group. For regular tours which we directly operate, we use vans with a maximum capacity of 15 people. These regular tours, if were to be booked by a total of 5 or less passengers, a partner company will perform them sticking to the same itinerary and timetable, using a bus or minibus. This circumstance will be previously addressed to the passengers who will have the possibility to confirm the reservation or ask for a reimbursement before the tour takes place. We hereby establish that when booking private tours, we will always operate them directly ourselves, no exceptions.


Verify the dates, departure time and value of each tour so you can communicate with us via WhatsApp or e-mail if any doubt comes to mind.


We ask you to please wait for our team in the Hotel lobby at the arranged time. In case we do not find you there we will make one call to your room and wait up to 5 minutes in the lobby. Passed that time, it will be considered a no show (no attendance) and we will have to continue on with our tour out of respect to the other passengers, leaving no room for complaints from your part. As for cruise passengers, there will be a 30 minute tolerance past the arranged time of meeting; otherwise it will also be considered a no show. However if by any chance the cruise were to be delayed from its predetermined time, our team will wait upon your arrival regardless.

Transfer Details

With respect of the transfer from the airport to the hotel, maximum waiting time after landing will be of 90 minutes. For transfers back to the airport the departure from the hotel will be 3 hours before the flight takes off.

Services not included

Aside from it being expressly indicated, entrances to museums and meals are not included in our tours.

Suggestions from the Tour Guide

Our tour guides can suggest meals and attractions to visit but the client ALWAYS has the final decision.

Lost Objects

We cannot take responsibility for lost objects in the company's vehicles.


If you have any doubts please do communicate with us via e-mail, WhatsApp or our contact phone numbers. Otherwise if you prefer, fill in our contact form by clicking here.